February 2009

The pictures of the monsters that might be used…

Female boss




papulatus clock



Crimson Balrog•••



i’m finish with my third movie but i stuck for a moment cause i can’t make up my mind of what monster to use now ==”

i leave the choice to the people who sees this post! Leave a comment or vote about the monster that i should use for the next movie  and the reason why i should use it

*something nice,if the someone wins and has a maplestory account plus screenshots of monster they’re fighting,  send me the screenshots to have it appear in my video to be shown in YOUTUBE!!



I’ve just seen spadow‘s wordpress..KoreaMS got some cool events plus some weird bugs!! i’ll show some screenshots too

My Third movie is made and is currently being uploaded then processed [i’ll show the movie after its processed]

*Update:video is done and processed!!here’s my video

And the screenshots i promised!

4.7m from blue snail!omg

WA!super GM! jk lahs

I’ve update my youtube by Customizing my channel designs..now it looks great(well~~thats what i think!?)

things that have changed there are almost all of it(except for background and video) XD  <—no idea why i written that part down?0.O

No worries as my third movie will be made and upload to youtube (maybe today or tmr upload it)

lol i guess i’m really late in updating my blog ==” Why i say that?because i was suppose to make the blog a few days ago..

Well~~here’s the update..my second video is up in youtube!! you can also see my video here.

The 1st day I embark on a journey on a new world,wordpress,in which i can make friends with other people and things..etc.

But first of all,i would like to show to all a video(My first Movie made) i made a few days ago..[real date made is 14th february]

Almost forgot,as some already know,i play maplestory like IAngelial who is a lvl200 bowmaster now!

Ok.Hope you enjoy my video