March 2009

First of all is the Monster Invasion(Attack of the Forgotten Nemesis).. LOL,For fun i try to tank HT’s magic atk with hb and what was the result? failure or success? only at the end will i say ^^

Forgotten Nemesis

OMG,you have to see what GMAPaeeon said….><Muacks


Too many horntails >.> after tat maybe the GM thought it was too hard so he send all of them away…

GMAPaeeon talking

And 2 maplerz reached lvl200

First is Mightydude         ———->>mightydude-lvl200

The other is Godkiller1 ———–>>  GMAPaeeon's mega for Godkiller1

Scrolls from mobs:

scroll-1 ..scroll-2..scroll-3

And lastly are my lvl up ss^^

lvl72 —>lvl73—>lvl75

Oh ya and the answer for tanking HT’s atk:

i survived the 5k atk!!! lol i was soo sure that i would die but i manage to survive that atk == LOL~

ok End of story..time for mapling again^^ …~~~


Zzz i keep training at parking lot…so sianz,exp rate is great but the mesos are crap =.=

mega for me?

*got to lvl 71 2 days ago.. Thx to freedomthief for using a mega for me

and lvl up again yesterday!!


LOL~ my hog lvl up? o.0 *main thinking* it can lvl up mah?


…guess there is nothing else le ba.. just a few ss


After so long i got to lvl70 and became a i/l mage [super annoying,go here go there]

LOL~1 sp to ice strike,the damage is so low @.@ lowest was less than 50 Zzz

killed a lot of chimeras also

total drops are:
1 scroll,cape for luk 60%

scroll for cape for LUK


some mesos and useless etc. drops

Gratz Mightydude on lvl200 i want to mega but can’t T^T ss^^

mightydude lvl200

There were a lot more megas but could not get all of it Zzz

He sure got a lot of fans

i finally got zkm helm after so many days[this post is suppose to be posted 3days ago]

6m mesos was used..left with 6m [at first was 12m,now 6m only]mesos going down .. ==ll

Zakum helm!!

Got quite a lots of things also?! 0.O

-Zakum helmet

-Bow of magical Destruction

*Boss drops

+13~18 Mushmoms

-scroll for helmet for DEF[60%]

-scroll for earring for INT[60%]

-scroll for shoe for speed[60%]

+3 Jr.balrog

-nothing but theses: 24elixirs / 9 power elixirs

Zzz not even scrolls nor eqs dang it~~ *jr.balrog ==”


And i lvl up/ got a screenshot o.0

LVL up to 69

… i also helped some1 lvl up too!

helping others??? LOL~

OMG!this time zakum was killed and wonder what happened?i’ll tell you

1st:i survived to the very end<zakum died>

2nd:Zkm helm was looted!!!i cant believe it!all the people there looted all the helms that drop!

what a waste of my mesos — got to the end But  i got NOTHING!Ahh

dang it..i was like #^%*@$#%(!@%$&*#%$

Zzz well~~i cant hang on to it anywayz so i should just forget about it T^T

Hope i can get zkm helm in the next run

A little unexpected thing happened to me today?!..i was mistaked for IAngelial ..

it had something to do with zakum so i wont say much =3

i wanted to show the screenshot i took but better not to show..afriad bad things might happen to me if i post it

today i have gone to zakum 2times what was the outcome?i’ll show in screenshots

My first try…



second try i got to b3 then i died…talk about bad luck

zakum reduce my hp/mp to 1 then a monster that zakum summoned came and …died