April 2009

Asiasoft Gamefeast 2009 SINGAPORE!!! i’m just giving some,SOME info about it only ><

Info mostly directly taken and edited[in away =.=] from MapleSEA homepage..


Date: 23rd May 2009
Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm


Summon all your strength to protect your party members in this competition and win exclusive prizes! Register on-site when the MC made the announcement.

You have to form a party of 3 with characters provided by us and work hand-to-hand to survive the trip from Perion to Sleepywood. The fastest team will win a set of Premium Goodie Bag for each member!

[No teleport rocks , skills like Teleport(mage)Haste(Sin,Dit) , etc are to be used in this event]


Date: 24th May 2009
Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm


Selected cash shop items are up for grabs with discounts. Bring home the exclusive Porcupine pet and Fighting Spirit Weather that are only available exclusively for this event!

Offline Cash Shop Sales Event
Image Name Catergory


Porcupine Pet



Fighting Spirit (11)



AP Reset (5)

Use (Scroll)


5-Day Special Coupon

Etc (Game)

  • Porcupine Pet: A spunky Porcupine that is not afraid to face any fears in protecting its master.
  • Fighting Spirit (Comes in a bundle of 11): Resonates MapleStory with your fighting spirit! This weather messager boost +20 Weapon Attack and +20 Magic Attack for 10 minutes to everyone in the map where your character is standing.
  • AP Reset (Comes in a bundle of 5): This scroll allows you to reset 1 AP from the ability stat. Choose 1 AP from HP, MP, STR, DEX, INT or LUK, and allocate it to the desired catergory. The lowest an AP level can reach on any catergory is 4.
  • 5-Day Special Coupon: If in possession of this coupon, all EXP earned from the monsters will be 2x the norm. The coupon is activated immediately after possession, and it runs for 5 days. If you also have other coupons in possession, please be aware that the effects will not be stacked.
    =Dont you just luv this things^^=


Date: 24th May 2009
Time: 3.30pm to 6.30pm

The never before event^^! 10x EXP Boost!! ,will be available during the stipulated time just for YOU! Purchase the exclusive 30,000 @Cash Prepaid Card on site and have a lucky dip to pick the 10x EXP timeslots of either 5mins or 10mins.
And the best of all the events:


Date: 24th May 2009
Time: From 7.00pm onwards

 bid for 5 highly sought-after in-game items

Equipment up for Auction

1 x Iceberg Wand 
Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
INT+15 Luk+2  MA 175
Number of upgrade left: 2

1 x Dragon Purple Sleve

Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
Luk+12, Weapon Attack +80, Accuracy + 15
Number of upgrade left: 2

1 x Dark Neschere

Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
Dex+5, Weapon Attack +127, Accuracy +15 speed +11
Number of upgrade left: 2

1 x Emperor’s Claw

Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
STR+15, Weapon Attack +107
Number of upgrade left: 2

1 x Ribgol Sword

Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
STR+15, Weapon Attack +132
Number of upgrade left: 2

That’s all for the events now.. Time for my char^^

Sometimes even in-game can have fights ><


Here’s another mega but on other things….. durian talk?

Omg!!!!!!! IAngelial famed me =) —->IAngelial fame me

Me lvl a few times zzz

lvl79->lvl80 =.=ll->lvl81->lvl82 oO


targa and scarlion glitch    my first mega Gift from Juliet to Romeosoo Many Goblins =.= ... oops o_O


Just a few things to say:

1)I’m going to change my theme soon =x

2)I’m going to lvl up soon *wispering,,Yey!!* =.=ll

3) i want reach 4th job fast!!!!! F5

Last i think, ver.0.70 started ytd.

Game patch size=6.5mb

Most of the content is about the recent hacking cases..Here’s the info

Welcome Back Event
If you have not logged into MapleSEA since 1st January 2009, log in now and we’ll send you a Welcome Back Ring and 7-day 3x EXP Coupon right away! When you equip yourself with the Welcome Back Ring and join a party, all your party members will receive an 80% increase in their party bonus EXP! On top of that, you will also get to experience a super rare 3x EXP boost that has never been offered before!
Note: You will need to enter the cash shop twice to receive one item at a time.

Hacking Trace Service (Trial)
Hacking Compensation
Compensation will be provided to all players whose accounts have been hacked prior to 16 April 2009. For players whose accounts were hacked during 16-21 April 2009, they will come under a new policy.

The birth of AngelicMint from Delphinus!!![28/04/09]


Second is the summoning at delphinus sever which someone summoned a jr.balrog to kill us =x

of cause i died also cause my lvl was too low and too close to it ..so it attacked me and my tomb dropped from the sky..

summoning of jr.balrog from someone

of cause this also happened to the balrog.. jrbalrog-dies

Cool,This is something that you might laugh after seeing, i was at the magetia pq area waiting for my pt lrd to get someone when a maplerz who has a pt appears with his pt lrd,my pt lrd kept on asking him to join our pt……when his pt lrd said no–my lrd said Resistents is furtile >.> it was really what i can use as ‘Diao’ but good english ><

And now for the final thingss to post~

Echo of heroscroll 4

Gratz to MIKA1 for reaching lvl200

mlka1 lvl200

And myself for reaching lvl78lvl78

 i has lvl up at last after slacking so much ><


i’ll post the rest next time when i free F3