May 2009

The error for my maple is cleared[Yey] But,
there are 2x exp now so aquila is alwayz full.. zzz
Its super laggy… zzz


What the heck is with the game patch which involve maplestory epi 2????
i can’t even play my maple now.. zzz
First with some errors then problems with hackshield update error(805306416)
Now i can’t login at all now… zzz talk about bad luck…


Wow.. i do hope that the GMs would do something about all the hackers and ther hotspots.
Everyday i go to this certain map and Wow,hackers with vac and god-mode seen already.
Total hackers i found todday was 3, 1 of the hacker named x3jusfory0u[Nice name though] defamed me and scolded my family?[pm] Darn him for that!! after that,i had gone to henesys hunting grounds looking for ppl to sell fame to me but then 1 crazy maplerz named ter.. something defame then switch to another char and defamed me again without any reasons.. He’s like a patheric puppy who has no life coz he does things without reasons. Lame and stupid! i hope that the GMs do something becoz the number of hackers AND idiots has
gone up!!

Wont be updating this blog for some time coz i’m training my main along with some1 else><

first few moments when she lvl up no mega.. after a while then got ppl mega..Starrydoll lvl200

Mega's for starrydoll

Ytd->yesterday i  kinda bored so i had some light-training at msia and OMFG! i got like 13eqs in an hour or so…

lvl84At last i lvl up =.=

i Do wonder how IAngelial lvl’ed so fast ><

 Yey!!!! pink bean(pb) coming to SEA with time temple liao =)

But no info about the game patch though…. zzz