June 2009

0n 12 June, i joined ImHisLaopour in her wedding with xCritiSINx.

ImHisLaopour & xCritiSINx's wedding

Ty stumpy for giving me 2scrolls^^

2Scrolls from stumpy

Gratz to mangoice06 on reaching lvl200.. & a few more

mangoice06 lvl200

My lvl ups

lvl90 lvl91 lvl92 lvl93 lvl94 lvl95


Ver.0.73 :
*scatch head* dont really know what it is also anywayz..
Ver.0.74 :
-Chinese Client selectable at the starting of the game.
-Bugs that were reported has been fixed but not for the orbis pq.
-Hackshield has been update’d!! But i dont really see any diff =X

Maple epi2

As you can see,maplestory epi2 is here in Maplesea. *scatch head*
Lazy to write so Click here to view the website for a more detailed infomation.

Wont be online in delphinus for some time coz there are 2x exp now so i’ll b training my main.

Monster cards are out in maplesea and i already have some^^
Monster card

Lvl ups!! :
lvl85 lvl86 lvl87 lvl88lvl89