July 2009

Reach lvl102


This was taken on 15 july 09..

Skele moonwalk mega

Solo’ed latanica once more..

latanica solo 7

Last of all


i got ilbi from lycanthrope but later got scammed off by this Guy> XxAdidaSinXx(hermit)

But the blame is partly my fault for trusting him.. that will be the biggest mistake i ever make !

The Damn Story though my sin character..then my darkie

Got my ilbi on 23 July then i xfer it to my storage(sin) then i went to hhg1 where i met adida there for the first time & kinda chatted a bit…… be4 all this crap started

1st, talks crap about how people wont trust him and talks more trash..

2nd, Lame… he says that he’s only 8yr old and said his mother was scolding him  -Hahas,like i care Noob-

3rd, Asked me after all that trash if i would borrow him my ilbi.. i agree and borrowed him(My mistake*)

(Also added me to guild and made me a jr. Seem too good to be true but i fell for it…)Even asked to be BBF.. Lame

4th,ask me if he can return me the ilbi the next day.. i agree (Damn stupid to have done that)

5th, -Next day- When i come online(Sin),i was expelled from guild and could not track him…..

6th, 2Days ltr, He goes to fm after chasing him with my mage from nlc to areas around vic and mlpq

Of coz, i went to the fm to say that he has scammed me then some of his noisy buddys started annoying me by scolding ‘dont kpkb’ or ‘diam la dog’ and even said that i was jealous becoz he had a ilbi and dare say that he has the mesos to buy rather thn scam, But seriously… whose the dog? the buddys are being the dog of adidasin for trying to help him ma? they should talk bout themself be4 even saying others..

And one of them name leong told me to not kpkb but who started first? he’s the one who kp first then say dont kpkb.. Damn Lame sia

Adidasin even had the guts to use the weather Sprinkler to insult me? He even dares to say that he did ‘NOT’ scam me.

In the end when i ask leong if he wanted to know what happened, he said no straight.

To me, i’m comfirmed that he’s afaird to know the truth and dont dare face IT

Last thing is that adida might really be a 8yr old coz of this reason:

-While talking all his crap,he said that he was famous then said that he started playing ytd(22th july) 1st mistake*


I’ve solo’ed latanica!

I solo'ed latanica Latanica solo 2 Latanica solo 3 Latanica solo 4 Latanica solo 5

Gone to krexel for fun.

Krexel Krexel's genesis attack Lolz see my noob dmg on krexel…

Lvl up


IAngelial 26/06/09

Lolz Before you can go to being a 2nd job wind breaker. you must defeat a boss called ‘Francis the puppeteer’

Francis's Cave..  Francis the Puppeteer.

Well He was easy to deal with although i forgot he could use seduce & seal… Wasted time…

Although i saw him way before i fought him.Francis's appearing in henesys


 My lvl ups

lvl96 lvl97 lvl98 

!!! 1more lvl left to lvl100!! lvl99  ~~~~LOL



I’ll be slacking a while before i start training again coz trying to keep lvling even though the total % is low.. hard..

no complains now about hackers… But there are scammers annoying me now!!! a lame lvl43 scam me but he’s no longer online… i hope he got banned =x