August 2009

Yey lvl upp…!


Did some of the time temple quests f3 in the lvl up picture i did 1 of the quests…

Time temple quest 2  Kali???   Lolz who the hell is kali….

What? i'm a kid??  I dont know how to use magic claW?! … grendel’s too mean =(

Great… very nice monster to be summoned from a summoning sack -.-

Nice.. a bubbling....

Someone else summoned 1 at leafre…

octopus in leafre....

Monster Cards =DD

eye of time monster card 1  Chief Guardian of memory card  Chief Guardian of memory Card2


… after coming close to a month after i last lvl’ed… finally i lvl… Damn Slow sia!!



lvl up

XiaoSugerPop lvl47

After doing the ludi pq for 35times i finally got the glasses!!

Getting glasses

Cracked glasses

Suppose to have put this a very long time ago o_O
Job advancement

Lol, this was taken on 1st august when there was suppose to be a 2x exp but..

Mapler's complain to GMA~

This was taken the day after…

quest exp


Hmm, and gratz this winners of the monster box:

white scroll  iceberg wand  timeless enreal tear

That mapler should be the first in delp to get a timeless eq coz it’s not really out yet till pink bean is down.

Till the next update.. there wont be much =x