Ign: D4rkM4g3x.
Lv: 11x.
Job: Magician, i/l Wizard, i/l Mage.
Server: Aquila.
Server Type: MapleSEA.
Guild: FantasyForce, Led by lightzboy.
Game: MapleStory.
Website: http://www.maplesea.com[www.Maple.asiasoftsea.net]

I’m currently a ice/light mage and my goals in maplestory is to make more friends there and to reach lvl200.
I take screenshots and make videos to upload to youtube.

I spent most of the time soloing and maybe train in pts. doing quests and party quests. Often go hunting items and visiting dangerous places(Alwayz!).

My information.
Coming soon. maybe never coz i’m lazy on put it in. oO

My history.
17 Dec 2007 : creation of my character.
19 Jan 2008 : officially started training my character.(Became a magician)
lvl20~lvl30 : Join’ed FantasyForce.
Currently from lvl30~lvl55 : Unknown.
Possible to have reach lvl56 at 28 oct 2008.
27 Nov 2008 : Achieve lvl60.
10 March 2009 : Obtain zakum helmet at lvl68.(No svc!)
14 March 2009 : Achieve lvl70 & 3rd Job.(along with getting hog)
17 april 2009 : achieve lvl80.
4 June 2009 : achieve lvl90.
27 June 2009 : achieve lvl100(A very special day for me XD)
23 July 2009 : Tio my first ilbi but tio scammed off by a hermit
9 September : Achieve lvl110! 10 lvls left till 4th JOB XD
12 September : Successfully solo Samurai Knight *cough.. 78m hp… faints*


My Record of solo boss fights.

Commen spawninq mobs.(Victoria island)

-Mano (down)

-Stumpy (down)

-Dewu (down)

-Faust (down)

-Kinq clanq (down)

-Dale (down)

PQ Bosses.

-Kinq slime (down) Kerninq city

-Alishar (down) Ludibrium

-Poison Golem (down) (Elin Forest) Solo’ed it in Mu Lunq pq

-Papa Pixie (down) (Orbis) Solo’ed it in Mu Lunq pq

-Lord pirate (down) (Herb Town) Solo’ed it in Mu Lunq pq

-Frankenroid (down) (Magatia) Solo’ed it in Mu Lunq oq


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