Definition of scamming:
An attempt to gain possessions or anything of value though ‘Trickery’ & ‘Deceit’

Or an attempt to trade with people with a promise of benefit for him/her but not fulfilling his/her own part of the agreement.

The Main Reason why people do it:
Because of ‘Greed’ which is also a selfish desire for more then what you have.
Other reasons might be because they need a certain item or thing.

How do people scam:
-Scammers might talk in a way to make you pity them like ‘nobody trust me’ &
might ask if you trust him/her.
-If they were making offers,always check & pay attention to what is being sold or bought.

Preventing yourself from getting scammed:
Seriously,i learned it the hard way….
-1st, Look at the way they talk/speak.
-2nd, Never talk and trade with people who are or were labeled as scammers.(my advice)
-3rd, Dont ever trust people who you dont know.
-4th, Know your limits, never go for things that seem too good to be true..


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