~My Service~

-I provide Some service now to help maplerz in need of help..Although this service are not free and require Payment. You can either post a comment about something you require or pm in game.For further information you can also ask me in game.But dont expect me to be online all the time even though i’m alwayz online..Mostly online during 2pm~11pm(weekday)/Any time(weekend)+8GMT.. All services can be paid with Mesos..i dont Wish to be paid with @cash coz i’m afaird of getting ban

1.Boss Helping

I will help you or your party to kill a certain boss for a certain amount of mesos. Killing bosses requires time and mesos for pot, so I need a payment in return. All drops belong to you and your party. Different bosses have different charges. Arrange a time with me when you would like to fight the boss.

A) I won’t pick up any items or equips.
B) You can pay me after the boss is down.
C) No charges if fails, or boss dies halfway while I’m walking back from death.
D) You have to look for the bosses if required.

Victoria Island (area bosses) exception of Nautilus Harbor becoz there are no monsters there.

None At The Moment


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